With the death of my sister came some painful realizations: that life really isn't always fair or predictable; that sometimes even my best still isn't good enough; and that from the day of her death the happy events in my life would always be tinged with sadness. Despite the pain and loss, death has also left me with some valuable lessons and precious gifts. As a result of my sister's death, I have a greater appreciation of life and a greater compassion for those who hurt. I have learned to be a survivor and to have a successful career and productive life in the face of tremendous grief and loss. I have been gifted with good friends and special people to help me though the rough times. But most of all, I have been given the gift of time - time to heal and time to replace those painful memories of death with priceless memories of my sister's life.

-Cathy Schanberger, TCF Sibling

-Lovingly Lifted from The Compassionate Friends of Metrowest MA. Newsletter.


*This site was created in honor of my sister Karen Hendrickson.

My sister was very special, and I miss her very much. I LOVE YOU KAREN!

Dedicated to my big sister, Karen Nov 3, 1962 - Aug. 23, 1999

-Kathleen Hendrickson - Miami Valley, Ohio TCF